Practical Information

Key card: Provides access to the central building, main door for your resident hall (G. H, J or K) and your individual room. Cost of replacement 100 DKK.

*Always remember the card when leaving your room!

The key card is personal and it is not allowed to hand it over to anyone else.


Matches the cupboards in your room and the mailbox (located in the central building), you are responsible for this key as well - do not hand it over to others. Please do not lose your key. A new key costs dkkr. 2.500.


The main building:
Opening hours: see practical information.

Facilities in the central building: Office, hall, hobby room w. pool and TV, launderyroom and cleaning surplices. 


Resident halls D-K: All resident hall has a kitchenette and the entrances are equipped with a closet with cleaning supplies.


Weekends: Remember to bring your keycard when you leave your room during the weekend.

*There will not be any staff to assist you should you lock yourself out.
If it happens, you may contact SERA: 52 70 80 52. BUT you have to pay for their services yourself.


Internet: Connection and usage is at your own risk. The boarding House is not responsible for usage of network and internet, and cannot compensate you for any damages caused by connection or usage. The Boarding House is only responsibly for providing the opportunity to connect.

Rooms: To be found in the room: Bed, nightstand, desk, bookcase, chair, trashcan, lamps and closet, and bathroom with shelf and mirror, shower curtain, toilet brush, toilet bin and squeegee. Remember to bring your own toilet paper.

When moved in please check your room at once, to make sure that everything is there and works as it should. If this is not the case please contact staff as soon as possible, otherwise you risk being held responsible upon your leave.

Ordinary repairs needed throughout your stay are requested by filling out the slip “Pedelanmeldelse”, which you can acquire in the office (in the main building).


Cleaning supplies: We offer basic cleaning supplies, so you can keep your room nice and clean during your stay.


Fire security: Please read the fire notice and have control of the fire escapes.


Code of Conduct 

Insurance: Be aware that we are included by the States self-insurance and we do NOT cover personal belongings or damages caused by you or your visitors. So please make sure how you are insured while staying here.


A few important rules;

No smoking outside the designated areas

Animals/pets are not allowed

Zero tolerance to narcotics and alchohol


Moving out: On departure day, you must get the staff at the registered time to check your room and hand in your key card. The room must be returned cleaned and neat, if this is not the case you will be billed the cost of additional cleaning.